MMDVMHost -Control- DV-MEGA -BM UK

DV-Mega have added Yaesu C4FM firmware get the 3.04 or later and the latest Windows MMDVM Control software Here Now


Jonathan has kindly agreed for me to package a executable version of his program for use with this application.

This will only work on The UK BM server, but provides a quick way to get running, first update your Mega firmware to current version (currently 2.23) for the DV-Mega hope you find it useful.

Installation grab the zip file extract it to C:\

which will create a folder C:\MMDVMHost note it must be here

In that folder you will find a setup.exe this is the control program installer, run this to install. Once installed the application will run ....but you will need at this point to enter your DMR id and callsign into the control program boxes and also click on the "Config MMDVMHost" button in the setup section, this will open notepad to allow editing of the MMDVM.ini file here you need to edit Callsign and DMR id and COM port the DV-MEGA is using, save your changes and close the program.

Restart it from start menu or from all programs this time your DMR ID and Callsign boxes should be populated if everything is correct and your DMR id is registered it should let you click the "Start MMDVMHost" Button

If everything has worked you should see your MMDVMHost program log displayed in the traffic log and you are ready to go.

Note you may need to install the Microsoft VC redistributable 2015 if you system gets missing dll when trying to start MMDVMHost

pick the x86 download